When compared to conventional concrete mortar, RAMAC offers significant added value with:

  • Tailored strength

  • Reduced shrinkage, less cracking

  • High frost salt scaling resistance

  • High degree of acid and chemical resistance

  • Low chloride penetration


RAMAC is well-suited to take up higher loads, for applying thinner constructions and/or saving on reinforcement. The derived flexural strength (splitting tensile strength) is higher than that of conventional concrete (at the same compressive strength).

RAMAC ensures reduced shrinkage, cracking and less crawl (permanent deformation due to stress). A guaranteed longer service life and less maintenance.

Penetration in RAMAC by brine, for example, is very low. Due to the low chloride penetration, reinforcement is better protected against corrosion. Also acids and other liquid substances penetrate less deeply. That prolongs service life. It is also more hygienic in its use.

The cured product has a top coat that is tough and has non-skid properties which is at least equal to or even better than conventional concrete mortar.

All these distinctive material properties give RAMAC its long service life. This is evident from intensive research done by TU Delft and SGS INTRON

The overall environmental impact per m3 is significantly lower for RAMAC than that of conventional concrete mortar. Depending on the application, this differs by 40 to 80% CO2. Read more about sustainability

RAMAC is produced and processed in accordance with a method that is common for concrete mortar. This makes it easy to produce in conventional concrete mixing plants. The production process deviates very little. That also applies for its processing by, for example, compacting, pumping and finishing by power trowelling in the usual way with conventional equipment.

By adapting the ingredients, the open time is adjustable and at least comparable to that of conventional concrete mortar. Thanks to its excellent adhesion to (conventional) concrete products, RAMAC is also easily applied in combination.

RAMAC distinguishes itself by the total sum of special material and environmental properties. In combination with the conventional method of production and processing, the choice for RAMAC is easy.



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